Success Stories

Over the past two years we have been asked by community banks around the United States for an affordable ERM platform to make implementation simple and successful. We are thrilled to offer ERMX as a solution to this problem!

We are excited about the completed enterprise wide risk assessment, ERM design and the ongoing ERM implementation for our community bank client in South Texas.

ERM can get its start in a specific area of the bank. With a larger community bank we completed an ERM risk assessment and implementation plan for the lending function of one of our newest clients. We are in ongoing contact with the client and their risk management officer as they implement plans to reduce risk exposure.

We have found over time that many of our bank clients have strategic plans documented, but few of them have a usable strategic plan that is actually a working and implementable tool. Of course, a solid and definitive strategic plan is critical to the success of ERM. We have created a simple – current state to future state strategic planning, documentation and implementation tool that brings the strategic plan down to a one-page document that any executive team can manage.

Intense is an understatement for the type of issues facing mortgage servicers today. ERM provides a solution to this issue. We are proud of our efforts to create risk management policies and governance mechanics for one of the country’s largest mortgage servicing organizations.

Pre-exam reviews of enterprise risk management efforts can be extremely valuable. At BES we were able to leverage our risk model to perform pre-exam evaluations for two financial institutions and make valuable recommendation prior to the arrival of the examiners. The exam results exceeded the client’s expectations in both cases.

As part of our enterprise risk management model, we have begun to perform surveys of all relevant market and compliance changes for our mortgage-servicing clients. This is just getting started, but the product is proving to be a very valuable tool for our client base.

Measuring and monitoring key risk indicators is one of the most valuable steps to ensuring the ongoing success of the execution of strategy. We have provided over 200 KRI’s to our ERM clients to utilize in the implementation of their ERM program. These KRI’s are being molded into our ERMX product to make capturing and reporting this information easier than ever before.