Risk Analytics

Risk Management Repair

Sometimes key parts of the bank or the mortgage bank are not working well. It might be within the treasury function or operations or retail sections of the bank. Often default management divisions for mortgage servicing firms today are the first to break down. These units may underperform routinely. Audit issues may be a continual burden. Customer concerns do not seem to go away. Employee issues are a constant.

Bridge Enterprise Solutions can help. This is where we focus our risk man-agement and strategy execution expertise and isolate our energy into one significant area of the bank or the mortgage servicing operation. An independent assessment of the team, processes, priorities and strategic risk management of a particular unit of the bank or mortgage bank can be the game changer you need.

Our reviews include deep dive interviews of management, evaluations of the staff and the workflow, analysis of systems and critical communication tools. We leverage our ERM risk map into these areas, which provides invaluable insight. Our deliverable is a summary of conditions identified along with a proposed solution. We prioritize corrective action required in such a way that management has a road map to resolution.

Quality Surveillance Solutions

BES provides two excellent quality surveillance programs.

Bank Operations Quality

Your operational platform is critical to the success of your organization. We provide ongoing or periodic reviews of every critical area of your bank’s operation from branch controls to the end point balancing of activity with the general ledger. Our reviews and reporting will help your bank or credit union identify key operational weaknesses and help you prioritize the allocation of resources. More importantly, these reviews will help you achieve your strategic objectives as it relates to exceeding customer expectations.

Mortgage Servicing Quality

We have evaluated every line of the servicing requirements of FNMA, GNMA, FHA and VA servicing. We also understand servicing requirements of bank and consumer regulators as well as applicable federal laws. Our organization has developed an audit program that digs deep into the organization to help you determine of your mortgage servicing operation is compliant with these high standards. We deliver reports timely in the month following the month of review. Our team will identify key risks and provide you with a risk rated recommendation that will drill into the cause of the condition rather than just citing the condition. We become a strategic partner with you to help your mortgage company implement strategy without interruptions from costly operating failures.

Other Solutions

A. Policies and Procedures – We can help in the design and development of policies and procedures to assist your organization in its risk management strategies. From front-end call centers, to treasury management or asset acquisitions we can help design policies and procedures to help make your strategy execution a success.

B. Mortgage Servicing Compliance Outlook – BES performs an ongoing assessment and summary of upcoming and actual changes in servicing requirements through surveys of investor and insurer websites, servicing news, regulatory publications, etc. On a monthly or a quarterly basis, we will summarize the information gathered during this process along with our perspective on the impact of these changes on your organization. Quarter-ly, we perform a survey of applicable federal mortgage servicing laws, case law and other related activity. We provide a summary of this analysis to our clients seeking this in-formation.

C. Operational Servicing Analytics – As part of the quality surveillance product offered, BES has identified key risk indicators that are particularly important to banks and mort-gage servicers. Through data downloads and other data gathering techniques, our team of analyst will evaluate the condition of your operation against these key risk indicators on a daily basis. Depending on the nature of the key risk being measured, we will pro-vide your select management team members with alerts describing the condition and po-tential action required.

D. Information System Development – With our team’s understanding of banking and mortgage servicing requirements we are able to support your organization’s information technology development needs. Whether its analytics, management reporting or business process rules we can help you develop install and manage affordable technology so-lutions to further assist your strategic needs.

E. Project Management – We leverage online project management tools and our knowledge of your industry and firm to assist with the implementation of strategic priorities and business risk reduction measures and process improvements. From the design and development of policies to the implementation of detailed procedures we can help your bank or mortgage servicer facilitate the implementation of action items it may not have the capacity to execute with its existing team.

F. Coaching and Development – Our team has a strong background in the coaching and development of key resources. Whether a front-line supervisor or the senior executive team we can provide one on one perspective that can change and mold individuals into more productive team members. This proven coaching model is both practical in its ap-proach and effective in its application.