About us

Bridge Enterprise Solutions, LLC (BES) is an enterprise risk management-consulting firm serving banks, credit unions and mortgage banking firms throughout the United States. Our founders have been serving financial institutions risk management needs for over 20 years. BES and the host of ERMX and MSX products was created for the purpose of helping financial institutions and mortgage servicers succeed. Strong financial institutions represent the security of a community and reflect the values of a great nation. Where strategy execution is successful, leaders succeed, jobs are created, and communities thrive. We want to be a part of making financial institutions strong for many successful generations.

Our professional team is not only rhetoric in the theory and application of enterprise risk management consulting, but we have been in your shoes. We understand the never-ending endurance, talent and sophistication required to manage business risk and execute bank and mortgage banking strategy.

BES has hand crafted an enterprise-wide business risk map, governance policies, enterprise risk management decision making systems and an ongoing risk information gathering system that make strategy execution more certain for the banks and mortgage companies we serve. We have made enterprise risk management simple through hard work and diligent pursuit of systems and processes that make strategy execution work better. We combine pure business knowledge, enterprise risk management skills, and process design expertise and information technology resources together to become your long-term enterprise risk management partner.