What is ERM?

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a new title to an old concept. ERM in its most basic form is the systematic and ongoing evaluation of risks or uncertainties that could delay, compromise or block strategy execution.Read More

What is ERMX?

ERMX is a tool for financial institutions to assess enterprise risk easily and electronically, document business risk management controls, track strategy execution and measure ongoing risks through a key risk indicator dashboard. This tool was designed to make implementation of an ERM solution from front-line management to the Board of Directors seamless and simple Read More

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Is ERM Right For Us?

Take our quick 10 question survey to determine if enterprise risk management is right for your bank, credit union or mortgage servicing operation.

ERM Solutions

  1. ERM Consulting
  2. ERM Software
  3. Operational Quality Solutions

Success Stories

ERMX – Enterprise Risk Management Tool

Over the past two years we have been asked by community banks around the United States for an affordable ERM platform to make implementation simple and successful. We are thrilled to offer ERMX as a solution to this problem!.

How It Works?

  • Our solutions provide you with three key options to assist in making your financial institution’s strategy execution more successful

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About us

Bridge Enterprise Solutions, LLC (BES) is an enterprise risk management-consulting firm serving banks, credit unions and mortgage banking firms throughout the United States. Our founders have been serving financial institutions risk management needs for over 20 years.

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